Our Founders

China Bridge fulfills the vision of its Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, C. Peter Theut, and its Co-Founder and President, Dr. Jerome Hill, to provide clients with the ability to identify and successfully connect with Asian inbound and outbound business opportunities.  Theut brings more than 45 years of international business experience to China Bridge and has visited China on business nearly 50 times over the past 12 years.  Theut also has earned a reputation for negotiating and documenting complex China-related transactions, and providing counsel with respect to capital structure, operating control, governance, and related issues.


C. Peter Theut also is the Founder of Global Bridges Network and Global Community Outreach, a non-profit organization.  Global Community Outreach functions in coordination with various Non-Governmental Organizations worldwide to provide humanitarian assistance to needy parts of the world, with particular focus on remote parts of Africa, China, and Mexico. Global Bridges Network was founded by Theut to expand the China Bridge business model to selected Countries and selected Industries. To date the successful China-focused business model has been expanded geographically to include Korea Bridge, Mexico Bridge, Russia Bridge, Japan Bridge, Africa Bridge, Scandinavian Bridge and South American Bridge.

More information about Global Bridges Network and Global Community Outreach can be found at www.globalbridgesnet.com.

Dr. Jerome D. Hill’s astute legal skills, paired with his command of Chinese culture and fluency in Mandarin Chinese, provides China Bridge clients with the unique ability to understand the intricacies of Chinese society and its impact on business.  Dr. Hill is an “Honorary Citizen” of China for his work in Guizhou Province, an honor bestowed upon few non-Chinese individuals.  Dr. Hill counsels global companies on doing business in China, through his in depth cultural and business experience.  Hill has long counseled global companies on doing business in China.  He is an expert on creating business entities in China, assisting in the development of business plans, solving employment/labor issues, solving repatriation of fund issues and resolving related technical legal problems.  He has offered seminars to GE Capital, Chrysler, General Motors, Tenneco Automotive and others supplying crucial information on cultural perspectives, negotiation techniques and differentiating legal systems and management styles between China and the U.S.

The Rise of China

The global marketplace now is irrevocably, inter-connected and the United States and China as the two leading economies in the world are the key components in a complex, ever-changing, inter-connected global system.

Chinese companies are increasingly exploring business opportunities in North America and are especially interested in investing in the United States.  This interest is being driven by global business and economic factors as well as encouragement by the Chinese government for Chinese businesses and private Chinese investors to invest overseas to develop manufacturing and distribution centers in close proximity to important Chinese export markets.

U.S. companies frequently approach the Chinese market without thorough due diligence and an inadequate understanding of the Chinese culture or business practices.  China Bridge assist clients to better position their businesses to deal effectively with the unfamiliar business, cultural, governmental and other unique challenges of doing business in China.

An ancient Chinese proverb states “The Journey is the Reward”.  You will find this proverb on the back of each China Bridge business card.  The China Bridge “Journey” has indeed been rewarding and fortunately the end is nowhere in sight!  By utilizing a unique approach, China Bridge assists our Clients to successfully navigate their international journey.

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Why is China Bridge Different?

Traditional consultancies with single “In-depth” skill sets may have difficulty addressing the myriad issues that international operations must successfully overcome.  In addition, because of the speed required for successful resolution of global issues, it often is not cost effective to engage and manage multiple consultants for access to the necessary expertise.  It also can be difficult to maintain the focus of multiple consultants.

China Bridge is a single point of contact for U.S. companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in China and for Chinese companies that seek to invest or enter the U.S. market.  The Collaborative Service Network established and utilized by China Bridge provides clients with the equivalent of an internal international business development source with specific skill sets tailored to the requirements of doing business internationally and focused on each client’s unique business objectives.  This approach provides reliable, pragmatic, cost effective advisory services and enables clients to minimize the risks and maximize opportunities for success in the complicated global marketplace.

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