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In addition to the Country and Industry Specific Affiliates that make up Global Bridges Network, the Network also includes our philanthropic arm Global Community Outreach.


FunctionGCO is a philanthropic organization that collaboratew with various non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to provide refurbished medical devices, portable medical laboratories and portable point-of-use water filtration devices to needy parts of the world Internationally and Domestically.  Global Community Outreach also assists in the refurbishing and construction of rudimentary structures to be utilized as medical field clinics in remote parts of the world.


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Facilitation of Market EntryGCO in undertaking it humanitarian efforts has the capability of providing China Bridge and our other GBN Affiliates and clients a vehicle for making inroads to foreign markets by generating in-country awareness, local governmental support and local community acceptance.  No matter the cultural or political barriers to entry into a foreign marketplace, potential barriers tend to dissipate and conditions become more favorable for commercial enterprises entering foreign markets if such enterprises are collaborating with entities like China Bridge, GCO and its affiliates.  This is accomplished by confirming whenever feasible that a portion of the foreign investment will be utilized for local humanitarian purposes.

Social Entrepreneur:  GCO provides the flexibility to combine a for-profit business (Global Bridges Network and its Affiliates) with a non-profit entity (GCO) to make a positive social impact and enhance strategic business opportunities.  All of this leverages the growing concept of “the Social Entrepreneur”.

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Culture: Peter Theut in his capacity as the Founder of GCO has the honor of serving as an Advisory Board Member of the Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan (CIUM). CIUM from its inception in June 2009 and under the leadership of Joseph SC Lam. CIUM has been active in bringing outstanding examples of Chinese arts and culture to the University of Michigan and contributions to the Ann Arbor community by CIUM have been artistically, dynamic, culturally informative and intellectually stimulating.  The list of events arranged by CIUM include eight opera and theater productions, five concerts featuring instrumental and vocal music and large scale exhibitions of paintings that form a visual or material expression.  Twenty two hands on workshops also have been organized by CIUM designed to allow University of Michigan undergraduates to actively learn about Chinese culture.  CIUM also has arranged for trips by University of Michigan faculty and students to China to present lectures, give concerts or participate in other friendly engagements intended to give Chinese audiences a better understanding of American arts and culture.


GCO is privileged to have on its Advisory Board Chris McLaurin.  McLaurin is the Founder of the “Gridiron Leaders Foundation” (“GLF”).  C. Peter Theut has the honor of serving on the GLF Board of Directors.

Chis is the President and Co-Founder of Gridiron Leaders Foundation.  Chris received his BA in History and Urban and Community Studies from the University of Michigan and his Master’s Degree in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics.  Chris is an Humanitarian Action Fellow, a William J. Fulbright Scholar, a Henry Luce Scholar, and Titmuss Meinhardt Memorial Fund Scholarship Awardee.  Chris also has worked in prestigious government internships at the United Kingdom House of  Commons, and a White House Domestic Policy Counsel.  Currently Chris is based in Chongqing China and serves as a Project Manager in Liang Giang Capital, a startup in innovation incubator.  Chris played Linebacker and Tight End for the Michigan Wolverines football team and was a Co-Captain of that team.

GLF utilizes American football as a vehicle for peace and cultural understanding between the United States and China turning America’s most prominent college football players into ambassadors of sport, culture and country.  GLF sends our Nation’s best and brightest Gridiron Leaders abroad to spread the positive power of sports culture into the Chinese grassroots football movement, connecting American student athletes with China’s best professional, linguistic and athletic opportunities.  In so doing, GLF awards high performing individuals who have demonstrated excellence on and off the field with the chance to contribute to China’s rapidly expanding sports culture.

The Gridiron Leaders Foundation is a grassroots movement that transcends socio-economic lines with the potential for national impact and exponential growth and influence among the Chinese.  GLF Fellows work as coaches to build life-long relationships and leave a mark on the local teams and communities through service, teaching and cultural interaction all while gaining unparalleled cultural and professional experiences by gaining a ground level perspective of life in China.

US China Gridiron Leaders

GCO Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of GCO consists of:


 Arthur Kleinpell

Marcus Chao

Chris McLaurin

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