Global Bridges Network

Based upon our clients’ business needs and the globalization of business opportunities, C. Peter Theut founded Global Bridges Network to expand the China Bridge business model to selected countries and selected industries.  The successful China-focused business model has been expanded geographically to include Korea Bridge, Mexico Bridge, Russia Bridge, Japan Bridge, Africa Bridge, Scandinavian Bridge, and Australia Bridge.bridge eer

Global Bridges Network (“GBN”) provides immediate access to an extensive Network of International Experts and Affiliates that own and manage either “Country Specific Bridges” or highly specialized “Industry Specific Bridges”.  GBN’s approach is unique and the keys to its success include:

  • Unique Management: An Executive Director, Board of Directors and an Advisory Board consisting of professionals who have first-hand experience in specific countries and/or with specific industries.
  • Access to International Experts: GBN provides through its various Affiliates access to individuals with language fluency and specific skill sets that deal efficiently and realistically with the commercial, cultural, legal and governmental challenges inherent in today’s complex global economy.
  • Access to Automotive Industry & Expertise: GBN features the unique capabilities of Ultra Parts Inc., an entity owned and operated by automotive professionals who specialize in introducing domestic and international companies to Northern American, European and Chines based OEM’s.
  • Access to Specialized Industries: In addition to the automotive related skills of Ultra arts Inc., GBN makes available experts and/or brokers who specialize in Immigration Law, IP Law, International Corporate Law, U.S. Real Estate Investment, International Trade and Philanthropy (“Global Community Outreach”).
  • Flexible Fee Structures: GBN utilizes flexible fee structures that may include retainers, fixed fees and success fees or a combination dependent upon the nature of the specific projects assigned to the Network.
  • GBN can advise WHERE to do business worldwide, HOW to business in the country of choice and PROVIDE TOOLS to ENHANCE AND SUSTAIN SUCCESS after a client enters or expands into an existing global marketplace.

As a client of China Bridge and through China Bridge’s affiliation with Global Bridges Network, you have access to other global markets and other businesses that may become your clients, joint venture partners, or investors providing the required financial capital to expand your business and creating potential new revenue streams.

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