Our Approach


Transforming Vision to Commercial Reality and Economic Success:

We are a consulting company that thinks, acts, and collaborates differently.  In response to increasing globalization in the world marketplace, China Bridge was created as a business model that goes beyond the operating model typically utilized by traditional law firms or consulting firms.  The China Bridge model was not intended in any way to denigrate the importance of what traditional law or consulting firms provide to clients.  China Bridge was designed to prioritize the importance of providing global oriented strategic, pragmatic business advice along with technical legal advice required to implement sound, well-reasoned and successful international business practices.  The value of this combined, expanded approach is underscored by the obvious fact that when operating in the global economy, business practices, cultural customs, timelines, priorities and laws differ from country to country.  We recognize what it takes to transform global vision to a commercial reality that will produce economic success.

Preparing the Business Plan:

Based upon decades of experience in the international marketplace, China Bridge understands that business is about trust, relationships, creative thinking and problem solving.  In assisting in the preparation of your Business Plan, China Bridge will meet with you to define precisely what must be accomplished, establish a realistic timeline to achieve your objectives and a realistic budget to implement each step of the process.  China Bridge will assist you to define what must be done to implement your Business Plan, including but not limited to evaluating potential business-entry vehicles available in the U.S. and in China, conducting directly or indirectly negotiations with private business entities and/or governmental organizations in China, assisting in conducting due diligence and, if necessary, facilitating the introduction to sources of capital and qualified operations personnel.  Most importantly, after the above steps are undertaken, China Bridge will continue to assist you to develop strategies to monitor and adjust your Business Plans going forward to ensure future sustainability. 

Anticipating Global Business Trends: 

To ensure constant growth and sustainability, one of the key factors to achieve future business success is anticipating global business trends.  China Bridge appreciates that what has worked in the past does not guarantee future success in a fast moving global economy.  We will assist you in building into your business plan the two key elements essential to sustain success – flexibility and embracing change.  China Bridge will help you to assess and rethink your business portfolio to leverage new trends, investigate new collaborative opportunities, and position your business to take advantage of emerging economic realities.

We recognize that ensuring consistent growth and sustainability requires compatible synergistic partnerships and a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible business plan.  China Bridge will act as your conduit to identify and develop new, collaborative relationships as the need arises.  China Bridge also will follow through over time to assist in adjusting your Business Plan as emerging economic realities may dictate.


Creating the Equivalent of a Seasoned “International Business Division:

China Bridge can provide you with access to the equivalent of a seasoned “International Business Division”.  This is accomplished through our affiliation with Global Bridges Network. This Network (also founded by C. Peter Theut) consists of proven business professionals with global experience in the core competencies crucial to your international business success.  China Bridge and the other Country Specific and Industry Specific Affiliates that make up the Global Bridges Network provide you with in country and industry specific experts who understand international business and key cultural and geo-political issues in targeted countries.   

Strategic Keys to Economic Success: 

China Bridge utilizes this unique approach that provides access to the expertise available through the Global Bridges Network to guide our clients through the steps necessary to facilitate economic success by implementing the following key strategies:

  • Growth and Expansion
  • Business and Strategy Localization
  • Networking
  • Cultural and Business Synergy