Building a sustainable global business is like steeping quality tea.  Cultivation, determining motivation, intention, and understanding takes concentrated time and effort.  Building successful, long-term relationships requires mutual respect and cultural appreciation.  In a multi-cultural global economy, you invite your friend to tea to get to know and understand one another.  Let the experience steep and settle in; then enjoy your personal and professional connections that will expand your mutual business interests.

China Bridge has embraced this approach in dealing with our clients and in selecting and collaborating with the international experts in our Global Bridges Network to provide our clients with the following services:


Success requires competent and trustworthy legal and accounting advice.  China Bridge provides your business with access to efficient and cost effective legal protection and accounting advice in the U.S. and abroad.  We collaborate with a global network of legal and accounting firms that understand your legal and accounting needs globally.  These lawyers and accountants are known for their expertise in international law and accounting and are located in the geographic area in which the client does or intends to do business.



China Bridge can research the critical geographic, cultural, and political criteria involved in expanding inbound businesses (foreign companies interested in the North American market) and outbound businesses (Western based clients seeking access to global markets).  Proper due diligence eliminates “surprises”.  China Bridge provides assistance to our clients to obtain the essential information necessary to make sound business decisions while saving significant time and money.


China Bridge can assist in identifying, evaluating and securing potential M&A opportunities.  We can enhance your ability to identify the best fit for your business whether you seek financing for expansion, new joint venture partners, or a target for a business acquisition.


Whether you seek funding for business expansion, joint venture opportunities, or establishing a new product/service portfolio, China Bridge will assist you in identifying the most suitable investment banker, venture capitalist, and/or private equity partner. We also can assist you in obtaining an EB-5 Visa through immigration counsel, and/or utilizing the EB-5 program as a funding mechanism.


—The ability to successfully navigate your way through government regulations, foreign legal structures, and political complexities is critical to protecting your assets while expanding your business globally. China Bridge will work with you to identify key government resources and facilitate your collaboration with them to obtain the necessary authorizations and approvals required in local and foreign markets.


Identifying, evaluating, and securing the most suitable JV partners can be the difference between success and failure.  If not done effectively, significant adverse political, commercial, and/or economic consequences can occur.  China Bridge will assist you to identify potential JV partners consistent with your business plan and compatible with the cultural climate of the country within which you intend to do business.


Business challenges always will exist.  China Bridge will focus on these challenges strategically and provide pragmatic, cost effective solutions through access to the Global Bridges Network.  These Networks are added, created, coordinated and managed by China Bridge, provide our clients with international business experts who have core competencies specific to each of the countries that make up the Global Bridges Network.